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After consultation with the Federal Public Service Economy, B&Bs have permission to remain open.

We therefore welcome you warmly in these times of stress to come and relax in one of our rooms on the banks of the Nete. We would like to think along creatively; guests who like their breakfast served in bed will be able to request it at no extra cost.

Our government imposes strict measures for our nearby Cafes & Restaurants, so we will offer picnic and room service.  Please note your enquiry when booking or via

In view of the current coronary threat, we too are forced to take a number of measures in order to continue or start your accommodation at HULLEBRUG carefree.

Hullebrug has taken precautions:

- Dispensers with hand sanitizer in all rooms, welcome Smissche and upstairs when entering the main building;

- Guests have access to wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer;

- Awareness-raising through the posters that hang out;

- Paper handkerchiefs in every room and closed garbage cans for hygienic disposal;

- Shampoo, body wash & separately packed hand soap are available in small packages for personal use;

- Extra disinfection on door handles with disinfectant;

We also ask you, as a guest, to show understanding and to respect the following:

- Take care of your hygiene, wash and disinfect your hands on a regular basis;

- Provide sufficient ventilation in the room and open a window for ventilation;

Please postpone your booking in the following cases:

- If you cough a lot lately, feel flu and/or have a fever;

- If you have recently been in a high-risk area (China, Italy,...).

- In case of at-risk patients (weakened immune system, 80+ or people with severe cardiovascular diseases) stay is still possible, although we recommend postponing the stay a few weeks if not necessary;

Of course there is no reason to panic, if everyone washes their hands regularly and avoids unnecessary risk contact, no draconian measures are necessary and we hope that the coronavirus will be suppressed in this way.