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"Come and enjoy in the heart of Flanders!"


"Enjoy" ??

100 years ago, Felix Timmermans - Lier's best-selling writer - wrote the book PALLIETER. In it, he tells in an exuberant style how his carefree main character Pallieter lived in the historic city of Lier and in beautiful nature along the banks of the Kleine and Grote Nete.

Pallieter was happy, he loved everything around him and lived good and bad days with his partner "Marieke". 

Carpe Diem / 'pick the day' was his credo. In our region, "Pallieter" is synonymous with "enjoying life", this is what B&B Hullebrug wants to transmit; it is the guarantee of a magnificent site, pleasant to live in for a long time.

Garden & Surroundings

Garden & Surroundings

A well-known landmark and historic site


The Hullebrug farm is located on the separation with Bevel/Nijlen, close to the Kruiskensberg chapel (old pilgrimage site), in the region where the Brabant exuberance merges with the Kempen modesty (triangle Lier, Heist-op-den-Berg, Herentals). Nearby in the Nete-valley you will discover the Castle of Rameyen and the castles of Gestel, Kessel and Herlaer.

For several hundred years, Hullebrug was a central place like an inn, a forge, a brewery, a farm, a ferryboat place; in the past, there was even a water mill.

From your room, you can see how the river winds through the surrounding fields and how cyclists and hikers enjoy the beauty of the surroundings in all seasons.

Staying cosy and de-stressing at Hullebrug also means actively looking for nature. Take a walk through our landscape garden, or on our 6 ha meadow, you can find a picnic spot next to the Grote Nete.


The chickens lay your fresh eggs; our 2 Bordercollie accompany you to the ducks and geese in the tank; in the flower meadow our beekeeper is at work with his bees; and who knows there is a stork on the high pole close to the river. In the reed field we purify waste water for useful reuse.

And of course in our large garden there is a playground for the kids, with sandpit and swing; playing soccer; or frolicking with the dogs; feeding the animals....    


Thirsty and hungry : cozy bistros are within walking distance.





Your (regular) bicycles are ready (for free)

E-BIKES (by appointment)

FOR RENT €25 to €30 per day

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We are located in the country of Pallieter, the bon vivant. It is an ideal area for cycling and walking along the banks of the Grote and Kleine Nete, through the forests of the Averegten provincial estate in Hallaar/Heist-op-den-Berg or an excursion into the picturesque and historic Lier.

The hungry eat, the thirsty get refreshed, everywhere you will find beautiful stops, rural bistros and brasseries with terraces.

The environment is rural and green and has a high content of 'postcards'. Your bicycles are ready (free of charge), with maps of the network of crossroads for cycling and walking from Hullebrug.

From Hullebrug, you can walk for 20 minutes to the pretty bistro Schipke-aan-de-Nete. Downstream, 20 minutes walk from Rameyen Castle and the picturesque hamlet of Gestel (Romanesque church, pillory, coffee).